"Our team is knowledgeable and dedicated and are always on hand to help you with any aspect of your collection…"

Anthony Fuller

Anthony Fuller joined the gallery 50 years ago, in Gladwell & Company in the City of London, working alongside his father. Art is a – if not the – lifelong fascination of Anthony’s, having been immersed in, and surrounded by fine paintings since earliest childhood. Continuing the family tradition, two of his children, Glenn and Cory, joined him in the business. 


Anthony remains extremely passionate about the process of advising clients as they build their collections, and introducing them to the work of the gallery’s artists, many of whom Gladwell & Patterson has nurtured for the majority of their careers.


Anthony’s focus on quality is sharper now than ever, and he now dedicates his time to travelling the world in search of the very finest artworks, evaluating condition and value firsthand. Anthony’s long experience in the field is unmatched. Anthony’s insistence that Gladwell & Patterson remain focused on paintings, of the highest quality, ensures that the gallery maintains the tradition shot through the company history.

Cory Fuller

Cory graduated from King’s College with First Class Honours, before continuing her postgraduate studies at the Courtauld Institute where she specialized in French 19th century painting.  Cory has cultivated her expertise and love of paintings, sculpture, furniture and photography over the last 20 years and has inherited her father’s impeccable taste and eye for quality.


Ella Wells

Ella joined Gladwell & Patterson in her current role of Gallery Manager following a period working in the Impressionist & Modern Art Department at Christie’s London. Prior to assuming her position at Christie’s, Ella completed her Masters’ Degree at the Coutauld Institute, specializing in the art of the Italian Renaissance. She also holds a degree in History of Art from Warwick University, and also occasionally dabbles in her own painting.

Emily Campin

Emily joined Gladwell & Patterson in the summer of 2016. Having worked at the prestigious Masterpiece Art Fair for two summers whilst studying for her BA in History of Art at Nottingham University, Emily has since become an invaluable part of our gallery. Emily’s travels around Italy after University have inspired a life long apreciation of Fine Art and Sculpture afer experiencing the great masters of the Italian Reanaissance. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds with dealing with the finest works of art that Gladwell & Patterson have to offer.

Glenn Fuller

Glenn joined the family business in the early 1990s, and over a 20-year period of intense change has played a defining role in repositioning this historic business for the 21st century. By balancing tradition with innovation, Gladwell & Patterson is now perfectly placed for the opportunities of the future. Educated at Whitgift School and St. Andrew’s University, Glenn’s keenest passions beyond the art world are skiing and rugby.

Marie-Claire Meredith

Marie-Claire joined Gladwell & Patterson’s in 2006, and assumed her current responsibility for International Sales & Business Development for the gallery in 2011, having studied French and History of Art at Edinburgh University. Prior to her current role, Marie-Claire was Gallery Manager at Gladwell & Patterson, a position in which she established privileged relationships with artists and an influential, international client base.

Graham Magee

Graham joined Gladwell & Patterson in 2010. He is responsible for the operational running of the gallery and our external events, having organised over 50 of our international fairs. He has been instrumental in our exceptional exhibits at the Chelsea Flower Show as well as one man shows in the gallery. He read law in Cambridge, before gaining fifteen years of valuable experience in local government and the charitable sector.


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