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Aris Raissis was born in Cairo in 1962, and is of Greek origin. He studied at The Chelsea School of Fine Art followed by the Byam Shaw School of Art, graduating in 1985. During his years at Art College Aris developed a focus on figurative painting, portraiture and still life subjects, which continues to inspire his work today. Referencing artists such as Van Dyke and Rembrandt, Aris’s consistent aim is to apply the techniques of the Old Masters, whilst addressing contemporary subject matter. Aris’ creative ethos is underlined by his belief that a work of art should be constructed in a way that will allow it to physically stand the test of time. Through his delicate handling of the medium and his use of traditional old master techniques, his work upholds the highest level of quality and sensitivity. Working in oil paint, charcoal and pastels, Aris’ work as a whole is underpinned by a continuing fascination for expressionism and realism, as ever evident in his sensitive portrait interpretations. Aris’s work has been exhibited in numerous prestigious contexts, including at The Royal Society of Portrait Painters in 1986, and with renowned London galleries including W.H.Patterson and Gladwell & Patterson. Aris was selected as one of the nine members of The British Federation of the Old Masters’ Society in 1994. This success was followed by a number of high profile portrait commissions which include a portrait of HRH Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia in 1995. In 1997, Aris was commissioned to paint a three-quarter length portrait of a young lady dressed in Middle Eastern costume which was painted on location at Kensington’s Leighton House Museum; an exquisite work inspired by the spectacular setting of the museum. In 2010 Aris became the Artist in Residence at the Leighton House Museum. More recently, Aris was commissioned to paint a portrait of the philosopher Professor William Emanuel Abraham for All Souls College at the University of Oxford in 2018. Aris currently works mostly upon commission and his paintings and drawings can be found in reputable collections throughout the world, including in Mexico, USA, Egypt, Italy, Spain and the UK. “There is more to art than simply trying to compose an image. The actual process of creating an image is just as important as its outcome and the ability to observe the world in a unique manner, may introduce greater sensitivity and maturity to the work.” - Aris Raissis


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