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Right from the start Barbara’s interest in creating original works of art was with wildlife and the natural habitat and it became the driving force in her work. Having spent a large part of her life in Africa she drew her inspiration from its extensive game reserves, which she still visits from time to time. Her artwork mainly focuses on bird paintings where she incorporates either foliage, savannah or watery backgrounds, and also on atmospheric coastal paintings. These landscapes have an ethereal quality about them with diffused colours floating across the canvas through soft, flowing brushstrokes. Barbara’s love of birds, especially game birds and waders, have now become the main inspiration for her more recent work at Gladwells Rutland. Through her close observation she translates their idiosyncrasies whilst highlighting their beauty and frailty. Her compositions often depicts groups of birds that seems to suggest that there is a sense of social gathering taking place. Barbara is passionate about the protection of our wetlands and deeply concerned for the decline in the numbers of songbirds and hopes to raise awareness through her original pieces. Barbara is also the author of a series of successful children books featuring ‘Hilmy the Hippo’. If you would like to view Barbara's original art in person they can be found at Gladwells Rutland in Oakham alongside many more contemporary paintings and artwork.


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