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Béla Tóth Padári was born in Zalaegerszeg in Western Hungary. Hailing from a remote mountainous region of Hungary, Padári grew up surrounded by beautiful scenery and historic villages, and from this came Padári’s inspiration to become an artist. Whilst Padári greatly enjoyed drawing in his youth, after his high school education he attended the University of Economics in Budapest, and only took up painting in his more mature years. Padári is renowned as a painter of landscapes and cityscapes. Throughout his artistic career he has travelled widely and has lived in Budapest, Sopron and Ipolypásztó in Slovakia. Under his skillful brush Padári enlivens notable monuments and vistas with his delicate handling of detail. In more recent year’s travels around western Europe have enhanced his passion for painting, and his main interest now lies with the historic portrayal of different European towns, especially in Italy, Holland and England. Padári’s charming depictions of Venice and Amsterdam are among his most highly acclaimed and collected works. Padári now lives in Esztergom with his wife and three young children and continues to explore the historic towns of Europe and both they and the architecture continue to bring him fresh inspiration. Living by a bend of the beautiful River Danube, his studio is a place of wonderful tranquility where he can truly concentrate on creating his masterpieces.


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