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Bernard de Guinhald was a French painter born in Saint-Calais, Sarthe in 1885. While he worked in a range of media, including woodblock prints and illustration, he was best known for his richly textured landscape paintings, which predominantly depicted scenes of ports and boats in the Cannes region where he spent the majority of his adult life. Throughout his long career, he exhibited regularly at the Salon des Artistes Français from at least 1926 and was a central figure in the Nice Salon. De Guinhald's paintings are highly sought after for their quality of execution and the way they capture the beauty of the Côte d'Azur. A landscape painter who was particularly fond of maritime views, wild nature, and mountains: the combination of these three features in the French Rivièra made De Guinhald ideally suited for this subject matter. His works brilliantly balance the flashes of light of the sun on the waves, reflections of azure skies in the water, boats at anchor, and the steep banks and calanques of the region. De Guinhald was strongly influenced by the great painters of his youth, from Renoir to Cezanne, with whom he shared a love of the South. Mixing Impressionism, Fauvism, and Post-Impressionism, his work is imbued with a lively modernity. In addition to his landscape paintings, de Guinhald was also highly regarded as an illustrator. In the 1930s he produced a series of iconic posters depicting the South of France in brilliant Art-Deco style. Also creating figurative illustrations and working in woodcut, it is evident that de Guinhald was something of an artistic polymath, one who revelled in experimentation over his 70-year career. In the richly textured and impastoed areas of paint that define the artist’s best works, one can clearly see the how the graphic style of his woodcuts influenced these solid coloristic forms that set his works apart and give them such physicality. Alongside his appearances at the National Salon in Paris, de Guinhald was an organizing member of the Nice Fine Arts society in his adopted hometown, and for decades he would work closely alongside Charles Vigon in advancing local artists. Bernard de Guinhald passed away in 1979, leaving behind a legacy of beautiful and inspiring landscape paintings. His works continue to be appreciated and sought after for their beauty and their representation of the stunning region of the Côte d'Azur.


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