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Edward Waites was born in 1988 in Suffolk. Completely self-taught, Edward has dedicated himself to his craft since leaving school and despite his young age his distinctive sculpture has already earned him international recognition and acclaim as one of Britain’s most talented equine and wildlife sculptors. Edward’s upbringing in Newmarket, Suffolk, has greatly inspired his passion for horses and large powerful animals. Taking his inspiration from the more powerful of nature’s creatures, Edward’s bronzes exude strength and spirit whilst being true to anatomy and form. His knowledge of his material means he is confident and prefers leaving his sculptors marks visible on the surface which add to the liveliness of his work. Edward’s collection comprises of animals and wildlife and is shaped by his passion for the vitality, energy and grace of his subjects. Waites’ careful observation of his subjects allows for him to capture the unique personalities of these majestic animals, from mighty racehorses such as Dubawi and Makfi, to the native creatures of the vast plains of Africa. His approach is very immediate and hands-on, and from very early on in his career he has worked closely with the foundry in Suffolk that casts his works. Following the ancient lost-wax method, Edward works first in clay, and then casts in bronze and silver in limited editions. This age-old process demands both skill and time, and each commission takes several months to complete. Edward’s sculptures feature in distinguished public, corporate and private collections around the world, including several royal collections. Notable commissions include those for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, the ruling family of Dubai, Lord and Lady Bamford, the Bhartia family, Ivan Massow and Ben de Lisi. Edward works to commission for private and corporate clients, producing unique pieces that range from small-scale to life-size.


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