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Henry Scott was a painter of marines and coastal subjects strongly associated with the Royal Society of Artists. As well as painting lucrative shipping portraits for some of his wealthy clientele, he also executed a number of works of British and American clippers. Scott’s style is very similar to that of Montague Dawson. Scott works in a similar way to Dawson and captures a wonderful freshness and feel of immediacy in his marine subjects. Scott’s palette is striking, with all surfaces and elements observed, capturing every movement in full flow. His sails are nearly always bellowed with a good stiff breeze which is further emphasised by the spray of the water being wisped across the top of the choppy seas beneath atmospheric skies. In 1970 Scott was commissioned to paint “Morning Cloud” which was skippered and owned by the then Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Edward Heath P.C., M.B.E., M.P. Scott exhibited at the Society of Marine Artists, The Royal Exchange, London, The Guildhall, London and the Royal Academy, London. He also exhibited at the St. Malo Museum, France and at Madison Square in New York. He was honoured as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and awarded an honorary Life Member ‘Cape Homers’ by the International Association of Master Mariners.


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