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Jonathan Walker grew up in the heart of the Staffordshire Moorlands. He spent much of his childhood exploring the countryside in the company of his father and it is this closeness to nature that has inspired his artistic career. Jonathan was born in 1966, in Staffordshire. His father was a talented artist, and they spent many days together whilst exploring the countryside. As a teenager, Walker studied Philosophy, Theology and Fine Art. In the end he became an Occupational Therapist, working with people who experienced severe mental health problems. He moved to Devon in 1991 and is still living there with his wife and children. His work is inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Dartmoor and Exeter; his paintings depict animals such as badgers and foxes. However, each animal that he paints has a unique personality and character, which is what makes Walker's work so charming. The badgers, foxes, and voles that Walker witnesses in nature near his home in Dartmoor have inspired his masterful watercolours. Walker’s rare ability to give to each of the animals he depicts their unique characteristics and personas, while dressing them up in old cast-off human garments never robs them of their intrinsic “animalness”. Although rooted in the heritage of English illustration it is Jonathan’s unerring draughtsmanship and his humour that nevertheless makes his work unmistakably contemporary. His pallet is true to the sienna and ochre of the real landscape, but his characters, however, are of the mould and grime of the soil, unsentimental and honest.


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