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Peter Symonds was born in Surrey in 1964. As a self-taught artist, Peter started painting professionally following his graduation from Leicester University at the age of twenty-two. Today, as one of Britain’s leading landscape artists, Peter Symonds is undeniably a master at capturing the scale and awe of dramatic landscape vistas. Whether it is a spectacular panorama of the Scottish Highlands, the dramatic high cliffs of the Devon and Cornwall coast or the jagged rocks and ice fields of the Alps, the range within his oeuvre is extensive. Working exclusively in oils on canvas, Peter is primarily a landscape painter. He is identified most closely with his views of the English Lake District, Devon, Cornwall and Scotland, but in addition to the picturesque rivers, mountains and coastlines of the British Isles, Peter achieves great variety and scope travelling to and painting wild and remote places around the world. His paintings are informed by a love of the great outdoors, and he is a keen admirer of the great traditional landscape painters, particularly those painting in Britain and France towards the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In this tradition, he continually seeks to achieve more than just topographical accuracy, and to create mood and atmosphere through the mastery of tone and light. Whilst Peter is undeniably a master at capturing the scale and awe of dramatic landscape vistas, this is not at the expense of delicate and intimate subject matter. A number of works depict human life either through figures at the beach or the depiction of homes and villages, boats and harbours. Such gentle rendering of human existence living in harmony with the nature Peter portrays, is surely one example of his versatility and immense talent as a landscape artist. Whether it is a spectacular panorama or a snapshot of British rural life, the range within his oeuvre is extensive. It is often that in braving the most severe of conditions at inhospitable times, Peter is able to find truly breathtaking scenes that stimulate him to craft his exceptional paintings, allowing us the viewers, a glimpse into what this beautiful world can really offer. Peter’s innate skill at finding the most tranquil scenes throughout our green and pleasant land, and capturing them on canvas, serves to remind us why we all love this country. It is this quality, when combined with his tremendous painting skill that makes his paintings both enjoyable and collectable. Peter has completed a wide variety of commissions, both for private collectors and for companies. His work has been widely exhibited, and features in numerous prestigious collections in the UK and around the world. The Fine Art publishers Solomon and Whitehead have reproduced a number of Peter’s paintings, bringing his work to a far wider audience.


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