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Sam Dolman is an artist specialising in oil paintings of animals. From an early age he has been a keen artist and nature lover. However it was in his later years after pursuing a career in Accountancy that he realised his true artistic calling. A move to Spain provided countless opportunities to paint sunsets and sunrises and when he returned to England, the Peak District provided a different source of inspiration. Cows, with their intelligent and curious nature became a very popular subject and remain so to this day. Branching out from domestic and farm animals, wildlife and particularly big cats have been significant choices. Tigers are certainly one of the most rewarding and challenging animals to depict for the artist. Over the years Dolman has built a reputation for being a highly detailed realist artist. The American Art Awards has honoured him twice with the title most realistic animal painter in the world. Other awards closer to home include runner up in the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year and honours at the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year. He has been included in the book ‘Modern Masters’, publications such as ‘Leisure Painter’, ‘Southwest Art Magazine’ and has been part of the Masterpiece collection in ‘Vogue’.Dolman spends a great deal of time planning and preparing for each painting. He pays particular attention to lighting when gathering reference photos. Being close to the animals he paints is often a very rewarding process. Getting to know the personality of the animals is something he hopes will come across in the artwork. Each painting is worked on over several months allowing drying in between layers. Nowadays he paints exclusively on aluminium as it provides a stable, archival, conservation-quality support whilst the details can be created with sable bushes and the help of the incredibly smooth surface.


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