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Claudia Seymour lives and works in America. Early in her career she studied with two gi ed painters in New York, Eleanor Moore and Richard Pionk. She later went on to value the great u lity of chiaroscuro, inspired by the meless tradi on of the Northern European and Renaissance masters, and achieved a tangibly realis c e ect through the stunning use of lively contrast between a deeply hued background and vibrant color in the forward planes.

Working in oil and pastel, Claudia creates s ll lifes but with a modern sensibility. Her objec ve as a tradi onal, representa onal painter is to present the in nite beauty of colour in the interac on between light and the scenes and objects she portrays.

Claudia’s stunning s ll lifes have been shown in over 150 juried na onal and interna onal exhibi ons, and she has won numerous prizes, including rst-place and best-in-show awards. She works only from life, crea ng scenes that portray a meless elegance and serenity through her concentra on on radiant light and her choice and arrangement of an ques and ceramics, natural objects, fabrics, owers and plants, and other materials.

My goal as a representational painter is to attempt to portray the infinite beauty of color not only in every object itself but also in the interaction between objects, their shadows, and the surrounding space as light travels over and amongst them.

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