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About the Exhibition

12 February 2021

Online Exhibition

14 February 2021




Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year of the Ox!

As is customary for the beginning for the Chinese New Year and the start of the Lunar calendar, we greet you with heartfelt well wishes and hopes for good fortune in 2021.

This is the year the Ox, the zodiac animal that represents hard work, honesty and dependability and the animal that will always deliver on its promises to others. However the year is not categorised by its zodiac animal alone but also by one of five elements that represent different energies. So the earthly Ox is paired with elemental metal to make this the year of the Metal Ox.

We know that children born during this year will be imbued with the Ox’s characteristics but hearteningly, these traits can manifest themselves in all of us as we face life over the next 12 months. The metal ox is magnetic and so this is a year of connections, partnership and togetherness. What a wonderful idea of hope to which we will happily cling as we progress through 2021.

So to celebrate in the traditional Chinese way we have looked to our art to provide these sentiments for the year ahead. We acknowledge and honour our ancestors and family, just as we celebrate constancy and friendship typified through the presence of the Metal Ox. We pick the colour red for good luck and prosperity, and plum blossom and narcissus for joy.

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