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David Shepherd: A Brush with Nature

About the Exhibition

11 January 2024


27 January 2024




David Shepherd was Britain’s finest wildlife artist. He is remembered synonymously for his powerful depictions of wild animals and for his conservation efforts in protecting these cherished subjects.

Shepherd’s distinctive style stems from a personal attachment with the animals of Kenya. Throughout his career, he was inspired to protect the big cats, elephants, tigers and other animals that he depicted with such delight. His subjects were painted with dignity and grandeur and his compositions allowed them to take centre stage amongst the breathtaking scenery of his beloved Africa, India and the Far East.

For nearly fifty years, Gladwell & Patterson have long championed Shepherd’s artistic and charitable work. For this exhibition, we are delighted to be in partnership with White Oak Conservation, a state-of-the-art scientific education and conservation centre in Yulee, Florida. White Oak is widely respected among conservationists for its work in protecting and breeding endangered animals, specifically rhinoceros, cheetah, antelope and okapi.

Shepherd once stated “what more could an artist wish for but to repay my debt to the animals I painted.” Throughout his life, he sought to give back to the very creatures that inspired him through The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, and by raising awareness to the plight of these animals by depicting them in such a majestic fashion.

We hope you enjoy and are inspired by David Shepherd: A Brush with Nature.

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