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About the Exhibition

19 January 2022


18 February 2022




David Shepherd is considered to be one of the finest wildlife artists of the last 100

years. Davidís distinctive style stems from a personal attachment with the animals of

Kenya. As a boy, he dreamt of becoming a game warden to no avail, and was fortunate

when his early artistic career as an aviation artist led to a commission from the RAF

in 1960. On consignment in Kenya, inspired by the animals that he encountered, he

painted his first wildlife painting which would change the course of his career; a

rhinoceros chasing a Twin Pioneer aeroplane, capturing two of his great passions.

In the following years, David’s popularity grew and he quickly became the celebrated

artist and conservationist for which he is remembered today. Throughout his career

David was inspired to protect the elephants, tigers and other animals that he depicted

with such delight. His subjects were painted with dignity and grandeur and his

compositions allowed them to take centre stage amongst the breathtaking scenery

of his beloved Africa.

David’s technique of combining photorealism with his broad impressionist style and

his impeccably accurate palette, instantly strikes a chord with the viewer, but above

all it is his love of the animals that shines through in his paintings creating an instant

empathy for them with his audience.

Gladwell & Patterson have long championed David’s artistic and charitable work. Our

270 year old gallery has been privileged to display David’s superb paintings over the

decades and we are delighted to present this, the second retrospective exhibition of

his work.

White Oak Conservation is a one-of-a-kind centre in Florida for the conservation and care of

endangered and threatened species, including rhinoceros and cheetahs. Its mission is to

conserve rare species and wild places around the world. Efforts include improving the quality

of life of individual animals, recovering rare species, restoring ecosystems, and protecting

wilderness areas. White Oak Conservation works in partnership with conservation organisations,

governments and agencies, to bring the necessary funding to achieve meaningful and lasting


Gladwell & Patterson hope David’s rich artistic heritage will raise awareness and funds for White

Oak Conservation’s continuing vital efforts. Instantly recognisable, David’s exquisite paintings

strike a cord in their ability to recall the majesty of his precious subjects which demand so much

care and attention in this ever changing world we live in today.

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