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About the Exhibition

23 November 2022


23 December 2022




As we travel through life we encounter beautiful creations which delight and enthral us. Works of Art which take us on part of their journey and let us be part of their history.

Journeys, the latest exhibition from Gladwell & Patterson, London’s oldest art gallery, explores the various journeys that a work of art takes through a superb collection of masterpieces by leading Post-Impressionist masters such as Gustave Loiseau and Henri Le Sidaner, through to landscapes and still lifes by leading contemporary painters today.

The exhibition explores the tales of some truly spectacular works of art. The journey of the artist from inception through creation to completion. An artworks onward history where they keep silent watch over our everyday lives and experience our fascinating individual stories. Consider those paintings and sculptures in palaces, in staterooms, in boardrooms, in gardens and in our homes, what interesting events they must bear witness to - the signing of treaties, declarations of war and peace, births, proposals, marriages and deaths, the rollercoaster existence that is all of our lives. Their paths are changed when they are passed on to future generations or moved on to a new custodian. They can travel around the world and they find new journeys to go on.

Our personal adventure through life is punctuated by memorable events and a work of art often becomes an enduring special reminder of these. We are often brought together by art, sharing in its beauty or its meaning, in its ethereal qualities or by its effects on us. Finding common ground with others and allowing us to form friendships based on the harmonious feelings it kindles within.

As you look at each work of art in our exquisite collection, please allow your mind to wander and consider the journeys that each has taken along its intriguing path. Which ones will speak to you and tell you their tale?

Gladwell & Patterson, 5 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NG

Preview: Tuesday 22nd November 2022 5:30 – 8pm

23rd November – 23rd December 2022

Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm

Saturdays 11am – 4pm

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