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About the Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition




May we wish you all a very warm welcome to our new Kenneth Webb exhibition “Resilience through Colour”. We trust that wherever you may be browsing through these beautiful and inspirational paintings - be it online, from your favourite hibernation spot on the sofa with a cup of tea in hand, or at your computer in your makeshift home office, we hope that they provide you with an uplifting tonic.

Throughout Kenneth’s career, he has always been fascinated with colour, and here this exploration continues. Concerned with the changes he sees in the unique ecosystem that is the landscape of Connemara in the West Coast of Ireland, Kenneth has been called to present the landscape’s voice and tell its’ story through his paintings. 

Connemara is a place that has enthralled and captivated Kenneth for his entire life. A life spent exploring this primal, unforgiving and raw landscape has allowed him to understand many of its nuances. He feels at one with the invisible spirit of the place and can feel its emotion. You see nature at its’ barest and most exposed here, and an acute observer of the world such as Kenneth is drawn to distinctly and individually depict these inescapable changes. The apocalyptic undertones in some of the works should provide a stark warning to us all. Our actions are changing the planet and pushing it to its’ limits, and it is fighting back. 

The resultant works are relevant, powerful and engaging paintings which are so prescient to the current state of the world. Kenneth is called to tell the Earth’s story. His paintings illustrate that there is beauty, so much beauty out there, and we are lucky to live in this incredible place. Yet it is so very fragile. The delicate balance and harmony that exists in nature and allows the soul to breathe easily is being upset. 

These unique works are educational and significant, perceptive and discerning, intense and yet soft, but most of all they still manage to be medicinal and therapeutic at a time when we need it most. They provide such an abundance of colour and it is up to us to open our eyes and let the colour and vital message shine through. 

We are most grateful to Jenny Davies, Kenneth and Joan’s daughter, whose eloquent and powerful text for this exhibition has enabled us all to understand Kenneth’s passion and talent so much more deeply. Hours spent with her father in conversation about what drives him and the inspiration for his paintings, have been translated into beautiful and elegant prose that you will read throughout the exhibition.

Whilst we may have closed our gallery doors for the time being, we are very much open both by appointment and online. Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We would love to hear from you all.  

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