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Looking Forward to the Past

About the Exhibition

11 January 2023


31 January 2023




Gladwell & Patterson, London’s oldest art gallery, celebrates “An Illustrious 275 Years” in January 2023. Glenn Fuller, one of the third generation of the Fuller family who have owned the gallery since 1968, has spent the past year delving into London’s archives in a quest of discovery, establishing that the galley is even older than previously realised. The result is a stunning book revealing the fascinating story of Gladwell & Patterson.

The gallery’s tale traverses many artistic movements, it contains incredible beauty, the wonder and power of artistic creation and its ability to bring such joy, contentment and unity to the World. The foundations of this fine art gallery are based on the pioneering and passionate work of many giants of the art world over the past 275 years. Their number include two Lord Mayors of London, a man who is credited with being the driving force behind the establishment of the National Gallery, the Head of the Fine Art Trade Guild and Masters of several of the Worshipful Companies in the City, amongst many other accolades.

First founded in the City of London in 1746, the gallery is proud to have remained an essential destination for anyone in search of fine paintings and sculpture. It has become apparent everyone remembers their first encounter with the gallery, and no wonder - over our centuries of history they have been committed to delivering wholesome and enjoyable experience to anyone who walks through their doors.

The accompanying exhibition will be a celebration of “An Illustrious 275 Years” with a focus on pieces from the gallery’s archive. Visitors to Gladwell & Patterson, on Knightsbridge’s famous Beauchamp Place, will pass through red velvet curtains, and be transformed back in time to “Gladwells Corner” in the City of London. The exhibition will provide a showcase of exquisite paintings by some of the galleries most revered artists; Georges Charles Robin, Alexandre Louis Jacob, Robert Chailloux, Charles Perron, Raymond Wintz, Auguste Bouvard, Edouard Cortes and David Shepherd.

View the exhibition at Gladwell & Patterson, 5 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NG

Signed hard back copies of the book will be available to purchase at the gallery.

11th – 31st January 2023

Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm

Saturdays 11am – 4pm

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