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About the Exhibition

22 June 2020

Online Exhibition

5 July 2020




Masterpiece Online, 22-28 June 2020

We are pleased to annouce our participation in ‘Masterpiece Online’ - a week long programme of content-led activity that will provide a platform for Masterpiece exhibitors to share their knowledge and expertise and to initiate conversations with as wide an audience as possible. It will launch on 22nd June to Patron and Preview Day guests and then to the wider public on 24th June, coinciding with when Masterpiece London would have taken place. Royal Bank of Canada continue their support as Principal Partner of Masterpiece for the 7th year.

Designed to reflect the ethos of the fair and best support its galleries, Masterpiece Online will encourage viewers not just to view and buy works of art, but to join the conversation by engaging with 138 exhibitors who are leading experts from the fields of art, design, furniture and jewellery, from antiquity to the present day.

Masterpiece is continuing its partnership with Artsy to host the fair’s online viewing room, which willprovide opportunities for exhibitors to connect with new collectors. The Masterpiece microsite, which will run from 24th June - 8th July (preview access on 22nd and 23rd June) will echo the breadth of works of art usually on display at the fair, bringing Masterpiece’s cross- collecting ethos to the Artsy platform. All artworks for sale have been reviewed by Masterpiece's Vetting Committee.

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