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About the Exhibition

22 June 2023


21 July 2023




“A Masterpiece”. A phrase that lies at the very heart of every artist and every art lover’s mind. A phrase that implies a magical combination of exceptional quality, emotional effect, and extraordinary beauty. A phrase that resonates with all those who collect art.

A masterpiece is more than just a great painting; it is the result of a convergence that brings together the artist’s lived experience, their creativity, and their ingenuity to create a moment of breathtaking beauty. The artworks on display in this exhibition are therefore not only exquisite objects, but gateways into the minds and hearts of the greatest artists that Gladwell & Patterson have had the pleasure of working with.

First founded in the City of London in 1746, today we continue to delight in discovering hidden masterpieces and fostering the talents of our highly skilled contemporary artists, so that our clients and the public may enjoy these for years to come. Highlights of the exhibition include Post-Impressionist paintings by Modest Huys, Gustave Loiseau, Raymond Thibesart and Jeanne Selmersheim-Desgranges. Our contemporary artists have worked tirelessly over the past few months to create some deeply personal and truly impressive works of art, alongside paintings by David Shepherd, Alexandre Louis Jacob and Georges Charles Robin, you are sure to find a masterpiece to add to your own personal art collection.

Hidden within the gallery space, an exclusive Picasso Speakeasy Bar will form an intimate viewing room where a unique bronze relief sculpture by Pablo Picasso will be on view. Picasso’s Jacqueline au Bandeau encapsulates the startling vitality of the artist’s late period, memorialising not only the expressive style which he pioneered, but also his reinvention of the possibilities of printmaking. Picasso commissioned this bronze relief in 1964, of an original linocut entitled Femme au Cheveux Flous which he created two years prior. This relief sculpture stands as a unique encapsulation of one of his most accomplished print series.

Thursday 22 June - Friday 21 July 2023 Monday - Friday: 10am – 6pm ; Saturday 1am - 4pm

Please contact Ella for more information and press enquiries:

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