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About the Exhibition

1 December 2020

Gladwell & Patterson

31 December 2020




A Sense of Perspective

What a year it has been in life’s rich tapestry. A very different year to what most of us are used to and certainly unsettling for many, and yet here at G & P we are lucky because we get to witness firsthand the joy and optimism that art provides to you, our friends.

It is very easy to become immersed in our busy, complex lives and succumb and react to the relentless, sensationalist news that we constantly get bombarded with. Fortunately we have the longevity and experience to maintain our sense of perspective. We celebrated Dad’s 80th birthday this month, and as the gallery nears its 270th birthday, it is this enduring longevity which allows us to take the broader view and continue to chart the course that we have been sailing for so many years. Art is created to be enjoyed for a lifetime and beyond, and as current custodians of our own pieces of art, we have no need for knee jerk reactions or panic. We can sit and enjoy the beauty in their creativity and in the works themselves.

Whilst we haven’t been allowed to see as many of you so regularly in the galleries this year, we have established more personal connections with so many of you through our shared love of art, and through the videos, stories and conversations that we have been enjoying together. Bringing more paintings to your homes for you to view and enjoy, has allowed us to share our paintings and appreciate your wonderful collections at the same time.

Our enjoyable exhibition openings have broadened to the Chelsea gallery in the garden, to Oakham and they have continued in London albeit in a much more personal and intimate way. Our ‘bubbles for bubbles’ evenings have encouraged many of you to visit in a safe and rewarding manner.

There is a wonderful resilience to the human spirit, and the time that we have been afforded allows us to reflect on what makes us happy. It has been incredibly satisfying to share in the passion that we see when you visit the galleries after intense periods without the joy and stimulus that art brings.

As Rudyard Kipling wisely intimated to his son, life is a combination of success and failure, of joy and sorrow, of good times and bad times, and we should accept both and face both situations with similar treatment. As an eternally optimistic and positive person, I am excited about sharing the new paintings that our artists have created, and the beautiful treasures that our wonderful team have unearthed. We look forward to the reopening of shows and fairs in 2021, and to seeing you at Chelsea, Masterpiece and further afield.

We have been trying hard to create one huge artistic bubble that we can all be in and enjoy. In a world that sometimes seems to get more divided, it is art that reminds us of much of the beauty here and brings us together. After all, life can’t be so bad if you have some lovely art to enjoy.

With my very best wishes,


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