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Henri Martin is one of the most foremost Post-Impressionist painters. Our London gallery has acquired and sold many notable paintings by Henri Martin. We are always looking to acquire and buy more artworks by this artist.


Henri Martin’s artistic talent was recognized early on. He studied formally under Jules Garipuy at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse and while there he also studied with Eugene Delacroix.


In his early career, whilst travelling in Italy, Martin discovered the beauty of colour and light, both in nature and in the works of the great masters, such as Giotto and Masaccio. Martin turned away from the traditional and ridged confines of his artistic education and he abandoned the academic style of his earlier works and adopted a style that utilised radically short brush strokes and divided the picture into a mass of small and visible strokes, reminiscent of the technique of the Post-Impressionist artist Georges Seurat.


In 1900 Martin purchased 'Marquayrol' in Labastide-du-Vert in Lot, France where he lived and painted for the rest of his long life. In this relaxed and tranquil setting Martin began painting the countryside around his home almost exclusively. The colourful and light filled canvases he produced at this time are widely considered to be amongst his most successful works.

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