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Artist Spotlight: Peter Pharoah

One of the pleasures of being an art dealer is that you can stumble upon incredible artists in the most unexpected places on your travels around the world. We were visiting the Isle of Man a couple of years ago and hanging on the walls of the beautiful Nunnery building in the capital Douglas were two breathtaking works by a South African artist Peter Pharoah.

One depicting a great white shark and the other a lion, these two works took up entire walls and commanded the rooms which housed them. Bold, big and colourful, they demanded appreciation and captured the very essence of the animals, and have remained vividly in my memory ever since.

Upon our return, we sought this talented passionate artist out and we are now lucky enough to present some spectacular paintings of his to you. His subjects, textures and exceptional use of colour evoke a strong feeling of Africa, especially its incredible wildlife and tribal heritage.

Modern and bright, Peter’s ability to capture the character of these beautiful animals is exciting and enthralling. We are proud to have them in the gallery and look forward to enjoying them with you.


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