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a word on art

Extinction: The Facts

Anyone who watched David Attenborough’s “Extinction: The Facts” documentary this last weekend cannot fail to have been moved by some of the shocking imagery that was presented to us.

This stark look at the devastation that we are wreaking on the planet, its fragile ecosystems, and the diversity of life in our natural world, really brought home the urgency of problem we face.

"Pangolin" by Nick Bibby - Silver 3" x 3.5" x 2"

Since the dawn of time artists have depicted nature, from the earliest cave paintings to the brilliant wildlife artists painting today. Many artists get touched by being so close to nature and observing it acutely. This drives them to try and raise awareness, through their paintings, of the beauty and diversity that surrounds us.

We are lucky enough to have dealt with and to deal with some of the most inspirational, passionate and talented wildlife artists, and it is always a joy to support their work and their charitable causes through their art.

Our David Shepherd exhibition last year was our most successful exhibition ever, and we continue to support his charitable foundation which works tirelessly in funding key conservation projects around the world.

"Glorious Tiger" by David Shepherd - Oil on Canvas, 18" x 34.5"

Many of our contemporary artists also endeavour to raise funds and to bring awareness through their art, it is through your support that they are enabled to do this.

Whilst we are at a critical time in evolution if we are to change the behaviours of our species and attempt to step back from the edge in our destruction of the natural world and many of the wonderful things that inhabit it, every little thing we do adds up. Big changes start with small steps and they all count.

You can view our collection of magnificent wildlife paintings and sculptures here.

If anyone hasn't yet watched the BBC documentary, then you can view it here.


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