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Gallery in the Garden 2021

Following last year’s success of the Chelsea at Home show, we reopened the gardens of Molecey Mill and the Granary for our “Gallery in the Garden” exhibition.

From the 24th to the 31st May, the gardens were home to a wide range of artists, such as Kenneth Webb, David Shepherd and Paul S. Brown. On top of that we were fortunate enough to have one of our contemporary artists, Peter Van Breda, stay with us for the entire week and witness his paintings in progress of the beautiful town of Stamford.

Monday morning saw beautiful blue skies and sunshine; however this idyllic weather did not last long and it soon became colder with grey clouds looming over us. Despite this, we were still able to welcome many visitors to the exhibition and to walk around the grounds of the Granary and Molecey Mill. Seeing Peter in action was very popular amongst our visitors, he had woken up very early that morning to create sketches of Stamford and then spent the afternoons transferring those sketches onto his larger canvases. The success of Monday was a great indication of what was yet to come.

Tuesday was even busier, with an increased number of visitors strolling around the grounds and admiring the artwork. Peter was hard at work once again, his progress with his paintings already evident. In the evening we were delighted to welcome a large number of our Rutland clients, as well as some new faces for our evening event. We were lucky enough to indulge in some evening sunshine, which beautifully complimented our paintings on display.

On Wednesday we welcomed more visitors, despite the continued drizzle there were still plenty of people out in the grounds and enjoying the beautiful paintings on display. In the afternoon we welcomed many of Annie Allison’s clients to her event in the garden. This was a hugely successful and exciting afternoon for both Annie and the gallery, and our partnership with her continues to flourish.

Thursday was our busiest day so far, the warmer weather and glorious sunshine brought even more visitors to the exhibition. Thursday evening was very special as we were able to welcome our lovely London clients, some of whom we had not seen for a long time. It was incredibly heart-warming to see how far our clients had come to visit us and our exhibition, which made the evening even more special.

For the bank holiday weekend, we had glorious weather and many more visitors. Peter’s painting in action was as popular as ever, with many people watching and chatting to him for ages as they witnessed his progress. The entire exhibition has been a huge success and incredibly rewarding. A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to visit us, and to anyone who helped make this week so memorable and so fantastic.

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