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a word on art

Greetings from across the pond ...

Usually the winters in London are bearable because I know that it is only a matter of weeks before we will be getting on a flight to Florida and opening the show in Palm Beach. It is the show that everyone in the gallery wants to go to and not only for the sunshine, although that does help!

Over the years we have built up a very special community of friends and clients that we look forward to seeing enormously. We curate a bespoke collection of paintings to exhibit, some of which I have to hide away from Glenn to stop him putting them in a catalogue or exhibition so that you are the first to see them, anywhere.

Our contemporary artists paint works of art especially for the show and it is an exhibition that takes months of work to bring together, and for which we source particular paintings that we believe you will love – and want to take home with you!

This is driven by our passion for what we do. Bringing the best quality paintings and sculptures we can find and sharing them and our knowledge with our dear clients and friends, inspiring you and, in our very small way, making the world a better place.

Art is a form of healing and recovery, and provides solace and therapy during times of stress. It helps safeguard mental and spiritual health, and reduce barriers between people, cultures and languages. Something we all need in current times.

We have exhibited in Palm Beach for fifteen years and since we began, we have not missed a single year.

This year we shall sincerely miss seeing you, enjoying our easy conversations about art, but also about our lives, sharing stories and anecdotes that become the thread that keeps us together, laughter! We shall miss the warm air blowing through the palm trees as we leave the convention centre, cocktail hour at Breakers, morning walks on the beach before the show, wearing bright and colourful clothes (no one can carry off a floral suit like Graham) that automatically lift our spirits, enjoying for a moment American life that is so distinctly different from British life, and we revel in it.

And so, in our typical upbeat and innovative way, we hope to still be able to enjoy each others' company, albeit from afar. We shall be hanging our gallery on Beauchamp Place with the collection of paintings that were due to be winging their way to Florida this week. We invite you to sign in and join us for a private brunch, lunch, tea or cocktail and we can walk you through the show. We may even wear floral suits and colourful clothes (with the heating on full!) and there shall most definitely be laughter!

We sincerely hope you will take us up on this offer and very much look forward to seeing your faces and chatting in the coming weeks.

This year we wish the 18th Annual Palm Beach Show all good luck as it returns from February 11-16. In London we can give you our own private vernissage, please do get in touch with me to arrange your remote appointment.

We all wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.


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