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Kenneth Webb: Ethereal Landscapes

Welcome to the final video in our series for Kenneth Webb’s exhibition ‘Resilience through Colour’. This video focuses on the beautiful ethereal landscapes of the West Coast of Ireland in Connemara. Kenneth enjoys this primordial landscape and the way that it reveals a real sense of how world is changing and how nature is fighting back.

The soft quality of diffuse light in Connemara and the dominance of water - both below in the sea and the bog, and suspended in the air - makes this a world where light diffracts and splinters in all directions. A land of rainbows and shards of colour where reason dictates none should be. For an artist like Kenneth Webb, who sees saturated colour where only the tiniest hint exists for others, it is an irresistible enticement.

In this selection of paintings, Webb has allowed full range to the spectrum of colours he sees, where countless water droplets refract in myriad forms. The primordial landscape reveals its spiritual identity as it was in millennia past, before humans shaped the world, before sentient life, when the land breathed freely. The divine touch brings serenity, a soulful peace to many, but Webb seeks to suggest a latent force in this landscape, a sense of impending assertion: when will the spirit of this place rise to reclaim its rightful realm?


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