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a word on art

Kenneth Webb: Waterlillies

The garden at Kenneth’s Ballinaboy Studio has always been an essential source of inspiration to Kenneth. Originally the garden was an area of natural peatland with some lovely patches of rock and local flora native to Connemara. Over the past 40 years Joan and Kenneth have nurtured the garden into an oasis of colour and texture, with a variety of enchanting environments and spaces including the water lily pond, a woodland area, patches of poppies and irises and astilbes, interspersed with enormous granite, lichen- covered boulders (some weighing over half a ton) brought in by Kenneth and his neighbours.

Kenneth’s peat garden is an oasis of colour in the empty peatlands of the West of Ireland. Paintings of this landscape reflect his obsession with nature’s moods, all recorded through colour. Pigment, gold and silver leaf and a variety of textures are always of interest but can never quite emulate, let alone surpass, the subtle tint of nature’s many forms. The transparency of a petal or the infinite variety of a leaf, Kenneth records as best he can –with the goal of helping others to look more carefully, to see patterns and details in a different way, and thus to become more aware of nature’s elusive wonder.


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