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a word on art

Marie-Claire in Paris

Going to Paris to buy paintings cannot be understated. It is AMAZING!!

The joy I felt, as I sauntered along the Rue des Abbesses in Montmartre yesterday afternoon in the Autumn sunshine, was beaming out of my face. My first trip back to Paris in over 18 months has been highly anticipated and I leapt at the first opportunity to go on a buying trip there since borders re-opened.

There is nothing quite like finding a gem hidden behind a Parisian doorway. Discovering four of them in under five hours was a real treat! Recognising an artist’s work, lightly brushing away a layer of dust and dirt carefully with my thumb to reveal the familiar signature that validated my suspicions…the heart beats a little faster knowing how these paintings will shine once we have them cleaned, revarnished, framed and hanging on our walls for you to enjoy.

Afterwards, as I sat outside a café in a woven bistro chair, watching the charming hustle and bustle of early afternoon Paris, I felt so grateful that this is my ‘job’. Meeting interesting people, handling beautiful paintings, enjoying varied cultures. One could call it a vocation.


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