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Postcard from Rutland: A Beautiful but Chilly Gladwells Rutland, Oakham

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness” asked John Steinbeck. As our current exhibition Field and Feather hangs on the walls inside the art gallery, we’re delighted to see nature putting on an exaggerated show outside. At night a melodramatically large and luminous snow, or hunger moon hangs in our sky followed in the morning by dramatically pink sunrises and frosty bright day days.

It causes us to turn to the haunting, original paintings by Nicola Wakeling which are currently available to buy in our Rutland Gallery. The fine artist takes her inspiration from the West Coast of Scotland where land and sea merge to create ethereal vistas. ‘Warmer Days coming, North Uist’ is a wonderfully evocative oil painting, where subtle changes in the of tone the shifting sand, eddying water and endless skies draw us into the lonely beauty of ancient and abiding land.

Nicola Wakeling 'Quiet Time, Valley Strand' 100 x 100 cms, Oil on Canvas, £2,400.00.

Available from Gladwells Rutland.

Paul Bennett’s abstract oil paintings of land and seascapes are created from a fusion of his memory of a place and the emotions these memories evoke. In ‘The Seas Collide’ Paul establishes a conflict between the broiling seas and the everlasting sky through the contrasting use of impasto on the water and a lighter brush to render the sky. Sea and sky are connected yet separate elements. A selection of his artworks can be seen in our fine art gallery Gladwells Rutland this spring for our exhibition Field and Feather in Oakham.

Paul Bennett ‘The Seas Collide’ 69 x 69 cms, Oil on Canvas, £1,850.00

Available from Gladwells Rutland.

And for something completely different – Marrakech at dusk. This needs no explanation.

Georgina Potter ‘Soft Light at Sunset’ 30 x 40cms, Oil on Canvas, £1,150.00.

Available from Gladwells Rutland.

Please visit Gladwells Rutland to view Field and Feather from now until 28th February 2023.

For private viewings and general enquiries, please contact Natalie at or give us a call on 01572 756518.


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