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Postcard from Rutland: Tis the Season for Spontaneity!

One of the greatest joys of working in a gallery is never knowing who will step in through our door next. It could be an established client that we’re excited to see again but often here in Rutland, we’re greeting new faces and embarking on what we hope will become a firm friendship.

Last week laden with last minute purchases for her winter wedding and lured into the gallery by a painting displayed in our festive window, we made just such a new friend. Her choice was one of spontaneous serendipity. The beautiful composition of the painting by a local contemporary artist and its personally apt title, meant that she HAD to buy it for her husband-to-be as a wedding gift. The painting lovingly wrapped and our mood brimming with romance we delivered it to her door later that day so that she could surprise her fiancée. They will already be married by now.

Sometimes buying art is a considered and lengthy journey, sometimes a moment of instinctive joy and impulse. As I say, we never know which will step through the door.

Here are a few paintings to elicit spontaneity!

Peter Van Breda has found rich inspiration in the aged golden limestone of our neighbouring town Stamford. The beautiful Georgian buildings which he captures here as the morning light creeps across them, reminds us to look up and drink in our surroundings.

Kenneth Webb’s vibrant flower posies have been a simple yet powerful subject for him to experiment with form and texture over the years. His investigation of colour is always present and Pure Posy is a perfect example of this.

Stella Shawzin used her sculptures to explore the passive and active energies within her subjects. Working here in bronze her Horse I is at once temperamental yet contained.


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