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The Importance of Pink

‘If it comes in pink, I want it!’ – Barbie

Colour, a visual phenomenon that evokes emotions, perceptions and associations and transcends even language. Amidst the kaleidoscope of hues, there exists a colour that stands apart, commanding attention with its charm and gentle allure – pink. Often associated with sweetness and compassion, pink has a unique power to influence our lives in ways both subtle and profound. To celebrate this colour Gladwells Rutland have taken the plunge and explored the importance of pink in select few pieces of remarkable paintings.

Pink, with its delicate nature carries immense significance and across various societies it often acts as a symbol of tenderness. Used as a gentle highlighter throughout Alexandre Louis Jacobs’ Vieux Moulin au Ponceau it emphasises the capacity to express and appreciate compassion within this naturalistic landscape.

Psychologically, pink exerts a unique influence on our emotional well-being. Studies have shown that exposure to the colour pink can have a calming effect, reducing stress and anxiety. Soothing properties are particularly evident in George Ricard-Cordinley’s Paysage Animé dans le Bocage Normand pictured below. His use of pink creates a soft and tranquil atmosphere.

a farmhouse in the countryside in Normandy France, bathed in the light of unset
Paysage Animé dans le Bocage Normand by George Ricard-

Pink sparks inspiration, this is evident throughout the art world. It is often employed to evoke a sense of enchantment, invoking a light-hearted perspective. Pink reminds us to embrace our imaginative selves and approach life with curiosity and joy. Contemporary artist Georgina Potter certainly deploys this throughout her en plein air paintings, ‘Sheep at Dusk’ embodies a warmth captured by her use of the colour.

Beyond its tangible expressions, pink holds a profound symbolic importance in the spectrum on colours. The importance of pink reaches far beyond its appearance and is a hue that embodies compassion and creativity. It serves as a symbol and when we embrace pink, we open ourselves to a world of emotions and experiences, beauty and complexities that define the artistic spark that lives within us all.

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