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  • ÉDOUARD HENRI LEON CORTES | Porte St. Denis. Paris


    13" x 18" / 33 x 46 cms
    Oil on Canvas


    Over a period of some 60 years he concentrated on capturing the spirit and beauty of the City of Light in a wide variety of weathers and night settings resulting in him becoming known as ‘Le Poete Parisien de la Peinture’ because of his diverse selection of cityscapes. His paintings of Parisian street scenes evoke the ambience of many of Paris’s major avenues with carriages cutting through busiling and travellers scurrying beneath the gas lamps.

    • For most of the late 19th and early 20th centuries Paris was a bustling city at the heart of the art world, a thriving metropolis teeming with ideas and innovation that drew collectors and artists from all corners of the globe.

      The celebrated French painter Edouard Cortès became the city’s lyrical recorder, capturing the delicate intonations of its light, the vicissitudes of its weather, the passing of the seasons, its market stalls, tramcars and crowded streets with Impressionistic delicacy.

      “As long as I am able to get up and go to my easel,” Cortès said, “I will paint until my last breath, because I was born from and for painting.” He was, indeed, a prolific painter who found, in the many visitors to the city, a huge demand for his work.

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