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AUGUSTE BOUVARD | A Gentle Back Canal
  • AUGUSTE BOUVARD | A Gentle Back Canal


    25" x 19"/63.5 x 48 cms
    Oil on Canvas


    This beautiful original oil painting by Auguste Bouvard depicts a gentle back canal. With the warm bright light bouncing off the sails in the distance and the darker shadows in the foreground, Bouvard captures a moment of quiet reflection  before the godolier pushes on.

    • Auguste Bouvards love affair with Venice was instant and enduring. Inspired by the outstanding beauty of the city, his impressionist, warm, colourful and confident landscapes capture its unique atmosphere and charm.


      Widely collected and comprehensively acknowledged as one of the finest Venetian painters ever, comparisons are often drawn with Canaletto, Guardi and Ziem, however many prefer Bouvards style.


      On his visits to Venice, Rubens Santoro was to become a close friend and mentor. In his early years, Bouvard honed his talents under Constant-Dufeus at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and drawing inspiration from the popular impressionist movement of the time, he developed his appealing style.


      In 1928, Gladwell Patterson, the acknowledged experts of his art, held the first one-man exhibition of Bouvards work in Britain, from which the late Queen Mary purchased two paintings.


      Learn more about Auguste Bouvard.

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