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ALEXANDRE LOUIS JACOB | Apres L'Orage, Automne

ALEXANDRE LOUIS JACOB | Apres L'Orage, Automne


13" x 16" / 32.5 x 41 cms
Oil on Panel


This beautiful original oil painting by Alexandre Louis Jacob depicts an autumnal river scene after a storm. Jacob is best known for his atmospheric and luminous landscapes. His masterful evocation of light, atmosphere, colour and sense of place are remarkable and have a true ability to transport the viewer to the very banks of the River Seine and River Marne where Jacob would patiently wait, paintbrush poised to capture his unique visions of the French countryside.

  • Alexandre Jacob's tranquil and subtle landscapes show a masterful evocation of light, atmosphere and colour, transporting the viewer into the peaceful countryside of rural France.


    He gained an understanding and love for nature through studied inspection, transferring his unique observations skilfully onto canvas.


    Making his name in the French Salons of the 1920s and 30s, his immense talent was immediately recognised by his peers and then by the establishment.


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