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CHARLES PERRON | Monnaie du Pape

CHARLES PERRON | Monnaie du Pape


Oil on Panel

22 x 26.5 cms / 8¾" x 10½"


This beautiful original oil painting by Charles Perron depicts a still life of monnaie du pape flowers. 



Gladwells have been championing Charles Perron’s charming paintings since the early 1930’s when Herbert Fuller first encountered Perron’s paintings on a visit to the Salon des Artistes Français for their Summer Exhibition in Paris. Herbert Fuller was so enchanted with the captivating depictions of rural French life, be they the intimate cottage scenes, the delicate still lifes or the beguiling nudes, that he travelled to meet Charles at his studio in Nantes. The two gentlemen hit it off and there began a rewarding lifelong friendship which has extended between the families through the generations.


  • Perron’s depictions of rural French life, be they an intimate cottage scene, a delicate still life or a beguiling nude, demonstrate a faultless technique and highly developed technical skills. They bring a sense of calm and joy to the viewer.


    Perron had a complete mastery of shape and of delicate hues, a wonderful sense of design and an expert command of his medium, reminiscent of the 18th Century French master Jean-Baptiste Chardin. Perron’s paintings drew acclaim from art connoisseurs and the French establishment who awarded him many honours; of these the Gold Medal at the Salon in 1928 stands out.


    “No collection is complete without a painting by this most talented of artists”, so thought the curators of the museums at Rennes, Nantes, Cambrai, St. Nazaire, and the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris, to name but a few, and we wholeheartedly agree with this rationale.


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