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CHARLES RENE HIS | A Dordogne Shepherd

CHARLES RENE HIS | A Dordogne Shepherd


Oil on Canavs 

55 x 74 cms / 21½" x 29"


A shepherd with his sheep walking by the Dordogne river.


Born in rural town of Colombes in France in 1877, Rene His was the pupil of well-known artists Jules Lefebvre and T Tobert-Fleury. Although he was most heavily influenced by Henri Biva’s meticulous style and feeling for nature which inspired him to strive for perfection in his depiction of the woodland and river banks.



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  • Most well known for his detailed landscape paintings, Rene His travelled throughout France during his lifetime, painting landscapes.

    He regularly visited Provence, where he would capture the still-ness of the French rivers and tributaries. However he is also known to have made several trips to Algeria where he painted the local people.

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