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    Gold Leaf and Oil on Canvas 

    43" x 63" / 110 x 160 cms


    This beautiful original gold leaf and oil painting by Clarissa James depicts five majestic peacocks.


    Clarissa James transports the viewer to a world of opulence and elegance in this monumental painting. Against a luminescent gold background that shimmers with an otherworldly glow, a muster of magnificent peacocks takes center stage.


    • Inspired by Edward Burne-Jones and the Pre-Raphelites, Clarissa is a classically trained artist with an interest in both the Renaissance and 19th Century techniques of realistic representation.

      Clarissa is drawn to silence and contemplation and following a trip to the Far East developed a great interest in the simplicity and clarity of Japanese art and design.

      This combined with her lifelong passions for fabrics, opulent textures and 19th Century aesthetic, results in unique paintings which are rich, meditative and calm.

      Specific in her craft as an artist, Clarissa grinds her own paints to achieve a more unusual luminosity and texture. Her immaculate use of gold leaf brings a spiritual nature to her work.

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