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DAVID SHEPHERD | The Eyes of the Tiger
  • DAVID SHEPHERD | The Eyes of the Tiger


    Oil on Canvas

    18 x 25.5 cms / 7" x 10"


    This original oil painting of a majestic tiger by David Shepherd has been painted in a manner that exemplifies the very special affinity which the artist had with this species. Tigers being one of the most threatened species of the animal kingdom, and Shepherd a deeply committed conservationist, the artist often returns to the subject of the immense power and beauty of the tiger, underscoring the urgent need for its protection against illegal hunting and the increasing erosion of their habitat. 

    • David Shepherd is regarded by many as being the world's leading wildlife artist. He started his artistic career as an aviation artist, and an early commission for the RAF took him to Kenya where David painted his first wildlife subject and he never looked back.


      David's love of wildlife is apparent in all aspects of his life. In 1984 he established the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation to fund vital enforcement and community projects that protect wildlife survival in the natural habitat, and has since received many conservationist awards including an OBE.


      Davids's distinctive style stems from a personal attachment with the animals of Kenya.His impasto brushwork in the foreground contrasted with the detailed and intricate depiction of the wild animals highlights the details of the rich African terrain and the fragility of the animals within.


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