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KENNETH WEBB | Interlude
  • KENNETH WEBB | Interlude


    Oil on Canvas

    25.5 x 30.5 cms / 10" x 12"


    This vibrant original still life oil painting by Kenneth Webb depicts a vase of colourful flowers. 


    Webb has tremendous fun creating his flower paintings, playing with different colour palettes, techniques and styles. For him, they are bursts of emotion on the canvas, whether it be innocent laughter, cheekiness, passion or praise. Some may be more pensive or subdued, but each has joy in their heart and their fragrance lingers in the paint. 

    • Kenneth Webb is one of Ireland’s leading painters. Brought up in post-war Britain, from a young age Kenneth was inspired by the Gloucestershire countryside where he grew up.


      In 1974 Kenneth purchased the Ballinaboy Studio in Connemara on the west coast of Ireland, and this wonderful place has offered a multitude of inspiration to Kenneth for over forty years. Kenneth’s magnificent ethereal landscapes of Connemara, his colourful and textured paintings of poppies and his shimmering visions of his favoured waterlily pool are instantly recognisable for their vibrancy and gestural brushstrokes.


      So unique and striking are his paintings that over the past decade with our gallery, his work has amassed an international following culminating with the seminal exhibition Kenneth Webb at 90. Despite being over 90 years of age, Kenneth is as prolific as ever and his work continues to explore creative boundaries.


      Read more about Kenneth Webb.

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