STEWART LEES | Lemon Parsley
  • STEWART LEES | Lemon Parsley


    70 cms x 100 cms / 27½" x 39½"
    Oil on Panel


    Seeking to ‘turn the familiar into something extraordinary’, Stewart views the challenges of the genre of still life painting as being akin to those of portrait painting, combining a concern for surface detail with deeper understanding of the subject.


    ‘...just like the best portrait painters, I’m saying something much deeper about my subject. Far more than the monocular vision of a camera could ever hope to express.’


    In every painting, Stewart strives to capture the essence and beauty of his model, be that a humble clove of garlic or a cracked and weathered clay pot.

    • Stewart originally pursued a successful career as a graphic designer and illustrator, establishing his own agency in 1985. He still managed to keep up with his painting on weekends and when he moved to rural France he began to paint again every day, teaching numerous classes as well as staging successful exhibitions. In addition to his painting Stewart has also written and illustrated two award-winning childrens books, published both in the UK and the US. Bringing a wealth of experience as an illustrator and painter of landscapes and portraits, Stewart has increasingly come to focus on still life. He is greatly influenced by Dutch 17th-century Still Life artists, and above all by Andrew Wyeth, whose meticulous draughtsmanship and evocation of mood and atmosphere all resonate with Stewarts own work.
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