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WILLEM DOLPHYN | Middle Eastern Delights
  • WILLEM DOLPHYN | Middle Eastern Delights


    28" x 40" / 70 x 100 cms
    Oil on Canvas


    Still life of Middle Eastern treasures. 


    Born in Antwerp on 17 May 1935, Willem Leo Jan Dolphyn was the only son of Victor Dolphyn and Anna de Ridder. In 1941 his father, Victor, began teaching at the Academy in Antwerp, and with his father already an established and talented artist, Willem clearly had painting in his blood. He began drawing at the age of 4 with a picture of a group of swans inspired after a visit to the Antwerp Zoo.

    • Instantly recognisable as the master of still life painting in Antwerp, Willem Dolphyn has created some of the finest canvases ever produced in this historic city over the last eighty years.

      Demonstrating the sheer technical virtuosity in the handling of light, texture and atmosphere, his works contain a rich purity which sets them apart from others.

      Willem gained a great deal of experience and professional knowledge from his father Victor, who was a teacher at the Academy and the founder of the new Classic School of Traditional painting.

      This developed Willem’s keen understanding of composition, detail and colour.

      Since his first solo show in 1968, Willem’s paintings have been exhibited widely in Europe and Asia.

      Among his many achievements, the highlight was his appointment as Ambassador of Arts for the City of Antwerp.

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