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PAUL CZAINSKI | Breton Garden, Apple Time

PAUL CZAINSKI | Breton Garden, Apple Time


11½” x 15½” / 29.5 x 39.5 cms

Oil on Board


A beautiful summery Orchard scene by a leading contemporary artist Paul Czainski, painted on a weekend break to Brittnay, France.


Paul Czainski trained at Goldsmiths College in London and has been working ever since with the world’s best interior designers, including Nicky Haslam, David Mlinaric, John Stephanidis, Colefax and Fowler. Paul is the hidden talent on which their wonderful reputations were built. Now it is time for this brilliant artist to shine in his own right. Paul has worked on commissions on many England's Stately homes and historic palaces, including Hampton Court and the Queens House, Greenwich.

  • Paul Czainski is the most sought after speciality trompe l’oeil artist, muralist and specialist decorator.

    He is inspired by pattern, decorative effects, chiaroscuro and the fantastic.

    In his paintings and drawings he is able to tell a story or bring to our attention the hidden beauty or excitement of the mundane.

    Czainski works in virtually any medium, from c