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PAUL S. BROWN | The Art of Writing

PAUL S. BROWN | The Art of Writing


Oil on Canvas

22.5 x 22.5 cms / 9" x 9"


This beautiful original oil painting by Paul S. Brown depicts a Mont Blanc pen and ink ready to be used. 


Paul S. Brown was born in 1967 and raised in North Carolina. Paul’s immeasurable talent for drawing was evident from a young age. At the age of ten he received drawing lessons in the studio of the leading Classical Realist D. Jeffrey Mims and whilst at university had an extensive apprenticeship on several large mural projects.

  • A true Classical Realist, Paul’s focus is on universal beauty. He upholds rigorous standards in pursuit of this, working from life, emulating the techniques and materials of the old masters, painting on linen canvas, preparing his own paints by hand, and carefully selecting pigments and oils to his precise requirements.


    Paul was apprenticed to D. Jeffrey Mims, before honing his talents at the Cecil-Graves Studio in Florence, where his talent as an exquisite draftsman was instantly recognised. Paul went on to teach at the prestigious Florence Academy of Art, renowned for its commitment to the academic tradition.


    Paul’s keen passion for nature is felt throughout his work and the influence of his upbringing, a Huckleberry Finn childhood spent roaming the outdoors in North Carolina and studying the world around him, can be seen in every brushstroke. His perfectly composed works are rich with atmosphere and detail.


    Read more about Paul Brown.

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