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PETER SYMONDS | Lago Smeraldo and Monte Rosa, Italy

PETER SYMONDS | Lago Smeraldo and Monte Rosa, Italy


7½" x 11½" / 19 x 29 cms 
Oil on Canvas

  • As one of Britain's leading landscape artists, Peter Symonds is undeniably a master at capturing the scale and awe of dramatic landscape vistas. Whether it is a spectacular panorama of the Scottish Highlands, the dramatic high cliffs of the Devon and Cornwall coast or the jagged rocks and ice fields of the Alps, the range within his oeuvre is extensive. Peter is passionate about the landscape in every way, through hiking, camping and exploring the scenes he depicts, his work is not merely a subject for him but a reflection of the very person he is. In braving the most severe of conditions at inhospitable times, Peter is able to find truly breathtaking scenes that stimulate him to craft his exceptional paintings, allowing us the viewers, a glimpse into what this beautiful world can really offer.

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