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STELLA SHAWZIN | Motherly Love
  • STELLA SHAWZIN | Motherly Love


    23" x 33½" x 25½" / 58 x 85 x 65 cms

    Leguna Verde Marble


    Shawzin’s gentle family groups are carved in stone and have a special kind of energy that shows the loving relationship between mother and child. A number of Shawzin’s works portray the figures rising out of a common base which creates a compelling image. Some are shown in circular forms as if they are both part of the same being. The inter-relationship of the forms seems to portray their unity as well as their individuality. The inner spaces are as sensitively designed as the forms themselves.


    In all of these masterfully created compositions there remains an impressive interplay of form between the figures. Recalling the seated and lying sculptural forms by Henry Moore, one can always find distinctive and impressive compositions in each sculpture. They are sensitive images that show both playfulness and loving relationships.

    • Best known for her monumental sculptures that seem to defy gravity despite being made of bronze or marble, Stella Shawzin created a fascinating body of work that shines a light on the secrets of the human form with great detail and tenderness.

      Shawzin worked on both a monumental and an intimate scale. Regardless of their size, all her sculptures are sensual expressions of the human form, a celebration of its full range of movement.

      Throughout her career, Shawzin worked with a variety of media – bronze, marble, metal, wood and was intimately involved in every stage of their creative process. From her visits to the marble quarries at Carrara, to the building of her own foundry at her Cape Town studio, Stella Shawzin oversaw the execution of each artwork from conception to completion.

      Shawzin passed away in 2020, at the age of one-hundred, leaving an incredible sculptural legacy as a key practitioner of South African modern art.