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MATTHEW ALEXANDER | The Grand Canal, Venice

MATTHEW ALEXANDER | The Grand Canal, Venice


Oil on Board

24" x 36"/61 x 91 cms


The Earth is a watery place, over 70 percent of the surface of the planet is water, and the oceans hold about 95 percent of all Earth’s water. The seas and oceans provide the water for life on land. From the atmosphere to the skies waterfalls to nourish everything it comes in contact with.


Humans first took to the water around 60,000 years ago. The quest for exploration, adventure and movement had started. Harvesting the seas for fish had begun and whaling started in pre-history, around 6000 B.C. Romans and Egyptians traded and fought from rivers and seas which have huge importance for civilisation.


The Nile flows for over 4000 miles and saw people along its banks develop art and agriculture. One of the greatest seagoing mercantile cities is Venice. Venice, which is situated at the far end of the Adriatic Sea, was once the richest and most powerful sea going city at the heart of Europe.


Developing markets in India and Arabia, it fired economic growth across Europe from the Middle Ages. Venetians created trading routes across seas and oceans and the wealth that returned built some of the finest and most gracious of Palazzos and civic buildings.


This wonderfully vibrant painting allows the viewer to travel along the canals and waterways of historic Venice. To smell and hear the sounds of daily life, business and markets the exotic trade in spices. To hear the excitement of new discoveries and people from far afield. Today the city floating on the sea enchants and beguiles the visitor as much today as through history.

  • Matthew Alexander was born in 1953, educated at Simon Langton School Canterbury and subsequently at Canterbury College of Art foundation, Maidstone College of Art B.A. Hons and the University of London PGCE.

    Alexander became increasingly popular while he was working at the side of his father. His paintings and landscapes were increasing in popularity; which helped persuade him to pursue his passion of painting.

    Read more about Matthew Alexander. 

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