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2018 Roundup

Dear Friends,

As 2018 draws to a close we celebrate a year of magical paintings and adventure. Art is a way of thinking about the world and we have found paintings that encapsulate love, humour, fame and beauty. We are blessed to be immersed in and surrounded by art; not a day goes past when we don’t celebrate and appreciate art as a beacon of all that is good in the world. Art is a shared experience and one that brings people together.

The paintings on our walls have been as expansive as the geography of our exhibitions and represent a broad sweep of mediums and interests. New relationships with collectors have been forged with successful exhibitions as far afield as Beijing, Hong Kong, Chicago and Jersey. We are delighted to welcome these new faces into the gallery’s fold and we have plans to include the Isle of Man to our regular exhibitions in 2019.

The desperate shortage of contemporary classical artists continues unabated, so we eagerly await two wonderful exhibitions on home soil in our gallery in Knightsbridge. In January 2019 we will be holding an exhibition to honour the Wildlife Artist, David Shepherd. This will be held in conjunction with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation which David set up to repay his debt to the animals that had given him so much success as an artist. Today, the Foundation’s vision is “The Art of Survival” and we are proud to champion David’s artistic work, and through this exhibition, help support front line projects that will help secure a future for threatened wildlife in their natural habitats across the globe.

Paul S. Brown returns in May to fill the gallery with his incredible classical realist paintings. The move to Dorset has given Paul renewed inspiration to celebrate the journey from farm and field, to larder, cellar and kitchen. In particular his sharp contemporary sensibility for colour brings vintages of wine to life. Through his art we are indulged and delighted, immersed in a world of textures, taste and vibrancy.

Our search for new artists continues and this year we have found one whose quality, subject matter and mastery of subtlety and colour, match our gallery’s exacting standards. His name is Miguel Angel Moraleda and we sincerely trust that we will carry examples of his work for a long time to come.

Finally, acquiring a large painting by Georges Robin which won the Gold Medal in the Paris Salon in 1952 and two oils by Alexandre Jacob, accepted in the Salon Des Artistes Français Salon Exhibition in the early 1930’s, has added substantially to the quality of our post-impressionist collection and we would delight in showing these to you in the gallery.

This year’s highs and lows of the art world have ignited great debate within our talented gallery team. From the lofty heights of Leonardo’s Salvador Mundi auction record, to the dizzy lows of a half shredded Banksy portrait, my 50 years in the art world continue to shock, surprise and delight me.

Wishing you the warmest of Greetings and Tidings this festive season.

Anthony Fuller


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