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Our Adventures Across the Pond Continue

Usually the winters in London are bearable because we know that it is only a matter of weeks before we will be getting on a flight to Florida and opening the show in Palm Beach. It is the show that everyone in the gallery wants to go to and not only for the sunshine, although that does help!

After a wonderful January at the Art Palm Beach Show, Gladwell & Patterson are delighted to announce their return to the 21st Annual Palm Beach Show at the Palm Beach County Convention Center over Presidents’ Day Weekend. Regarded as the most luxurious and sophisticated showcase of its kind in the United States, the Palm Beach Show remains Florida’s best high-end Art Fair offering items spanning every genre, juxtaposing many periods and movements. Highlights of our collection are five stunning landscapes by Gustave Loiseau, and an exceptional work by Raymond Thibesart spanning almost two metres wide.

We are excited to reveal a new look at The Palm Beach Show this year, with curated room sets in which art is placed at the core of an interior. The gallery will expertly blend a profound knowledge of interior design with their passion and expertise for the very finest paintings and sculpture on offer, showcasing an exquisite selection of the finest Post-Impressionist landscapes, twentieth-century marine and figurative paintings alongside traditional contemporary paintings and sculptures of the highest quality at The Palm Beach Show. Art is often considered last in the design of a room or home and it is our goal to change that by using a beautiful work of art as the starting point in thinking about design. Art does, after all, give us much pleasure and that can only be enhanced by making sure that it is displayed to the best effect.

Over the years we have built up a very special community of friends and clients that we look forward to seeing enormously. We curate a bespoke collection of paintings to exhibit, some of which I have to hide away from Glenn to stop him putting them in a catalogue or exhibition so that you are the first to see them, anywhere.

Art is a form of healing and recovery and provides solace and therapy during times of stress. It helps safeguard mental and spiritual health and reduce barriers between people, cultures and languages. Something we all need in current times.

This year we are delighted to bring a wonderful selection of paintings by Gustave Loiseau. Over the past year, Gladwell & Patterson has collected an exceptional collection of French landscapes spanning the career of the celebrated post-impressionist artist. Our collection reveals the artists’ stylistic progression from Impressionism to Post-Impressionism. Painted at the height of Loiseau’s Impressionist period in 1905, Le Quai du Pothuis à Pontoise, captures the very essence of a hot summer’s day with harmonious tones of warm blues and the use of delicate feathered brushstrokes, reminiscent of Alfred Sisley’s mature technique.

Palm Beach holds a special place in all of our hearts, we have been exhibiting at The Palm Beach Show for over a decade, and in that time we have created some wonderful traditions and memories. The serenity of Palm Beach hits you the moment you cross one of the three bridges to the island. It is a secluded sanctuary with breath-taking homes hidden behind beautifully manicured hedges and pristine streets adorned with fabulous shops and restaurants. If you know where to go, there is great fun to be had and everyone knows that all work and no play makes for a very dull life indeed.

Pizza Al Fresco is one of the first places we visit every year. We love that we can eat outside in the warm air, surrounded by the beautiful architecture of its charming courtyard. There is always a hum of conversation, clinking of glasses and the pizzas are excellent. But best of all, if we time it right, we get to meet Mona Lisa the pig!

We were introduced to Bistro Chez Jean Pierre through some very dear clients and spent wonderful evenings dining here, enjoying the exquisite French food amongst its imaginative artwork within cosy rooms. A restaurant that instantly made you feel at ease, this family-run business was an institution on the island and we shall miss it terribly when we next return to Palm Beach.

Cocktails at Breakers is our final island treat. We adore driving up to the impressive, illuminated building, walking through the incredible hallways to our first stop, which is to view the Ocean on the other side. There always seems to be a Full Moon when we visit and we have vivid memories of seeing the great, glowing orb hovering above the palm trees and crashing waves. It isn’t long before we are lured inside by the promise of a cocktail at the bar and to spend the evening relaxing and laughing with friends at the end of a long day.

We are so excited to see our wonderful clients again, as well as meet fantastic new people. We are so lucky to have such an amazing network of friends across the pond, and we hope to see you all at our booth this week! Our stand is shown on the map below, please contact the team if you have any questions.


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