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A Beloved Artwork that I Simply Could Never Part With

Au Temps des Giboulées, Neige et Soleil by Alexandre Louis Jacob, French (1876-1972)

Oil on Canvas, 81 x 100 cms / 32" x 39½" (Not for Sale)

This stunning painting by the French twentieth-century master Alexandre Louis Jacob is by far the most prised artwork in my personal collection.

Alexandre Louis Jacob is best known for his atmospheric and luminous landscapes. His masterful evocation of light and colour is remarkable as he transports the viewer to the very banks of the River Seine and River Marne where he captured his unique visions of the French countryside. The vast open skies, here filled with rolling glacial clouds, create a sense of peace and contemplation, punctuated by elongated poplar trees that rise from below in the very midst of winter. The horse and cart, a motif that appears throughout the artists oeuvre, enlivens this particular masterpiece. Above all, the painting eludes a calm tranquility, that makes me feel restful every time I see it.

Au Temps des Giboulées, Neige et Soleil first came into our gallery, Gladwell & Company in the City of London, back in 2008, from an esteemed American Private Collection. My father, Anthony Fuller, reluctantly sold it to a collector of the artist’s work who cherished this piece for over ten years. When our client decided to sell a few years ago, I jumped at the opportunity to have this stunning work on our gallery walls once more. However, after seeing the painting in the flesh after so long, I simply could not part with it again, and it proudly hangs in my home in Lincolnshire where I gaze at it daily.

My grandfather, Herbert Fuller, first came across Alexandre Louis Jacob’s work in the Paris Salon in the years following the Second World War. Since then, his name has become synonymous with our galleries; in years gone by at Gladwell & Company in the City, and now at Gladwell & Patterson in Knightsbridge and Gladwells Rutland in Oakham – you are aways sure to find an exquisite painting by Alexandre Louis Jacob on our walls. If you can’t spot one, then ask one of our fabulous team, as we have a treasure trove of works by Jacob, and many other incredible painters and sculptors, that would make the perfect addition to every discerning art collection, no matter how big or small.

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