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Impressionism and Collecting in the 21st Century

Our recent visit to Hong Kong for the 15th Fine Art Asia exhibition heralded the start of our autumn season of shows around the world. Since our inaugural visit to this fantastic, cosmopolitan city seven years ago, we have seen a sharp increase in the local art buying public’s knowledge about Western paintings and art, and their yearning to learn more. Initially relying on the expat community for our clients, this has slowly been changing over the years as people’s appetites for our style of paintings has grown.

We have been slowly, gently, spreading the word and passing on our enthusiasm and knowledge since the word go, and so when the organisers asked me to take part in their academic program this year and present a lecture, I jumped at the chance.

Entitled ‘Impressionism and Collecting in the 21st Century’, I introduced a brief history on the origins and growth of Impressionism and the reasons for its success, before going on to chat about some of the famous collections over the years and the inspiration behind them.

It was my goal to share how rewarding an experience the forming and creating of a collection can be, and I tried to impress that collecting can be for everyone, no matter what one’s budget is. I illustrated that there were still great opportunities to collect impressionist pictures even today.

Against a backdrop of 66 slides, the lecture was well received by a captivated audience, and I hope that I managed to get across my joy and enthusiasm for collecting and especially for impressionist paintings.

Following my lecture, I was approached by a noted Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion blogger who had been in the audience and wanted to write an article on me, my lecture and the gallery for his website – I think it must have been my new M&S suit!

Our visit always coincides with the National Day on the island and each year we are treated to an incredible firework display over the harbour. For anyone who hasn’t witnessed fireworks in China, they are quite something to behold.

The fair this year was characterised by being much larger in size, however visitor numbers were down slightly – albeit a more discerning crowd. We were lucky enough to make several new clients and to see many of our old friends as well. Our travels take us over to Jersey and then back to Beijing over the coming weeks, and it is always an exciting time of year where the infectious energy of those we meet fires us up for the months ahead.


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